Alibaba and Tencent sites added to US ‘notorious markets’ listing

The US authorities has added well-liked e-commerce sites operated by China’s Tencent and Alibaba to its “notorious markets” listing.
The US Trade Representative’s workplace said on Thursday that is was adding the 2 on-line markets to its growing list of forty two online and 35 bodily markets which are alleged to facilitate or interact in widespread piracy of copyright and trademark counterfeiting.
The list already includes a handful of high China-based online markets, specifically Taobao, Pingduoduo, Baidu Wangpan and DHGate. The list additionally consists of 9 bodily markets in China “known for the manufacture, distribution, and sale of counterfeit items.”
Predictably, the Chinese ministry of commerce condemned the decision on Friday as an irresponsible act, while Tencent voiced its strong disagreement and cited its actions to protect mental property rights.
Alibaba responded in like manner, saying it continues to collaborate with governments regarding intellectual property protection issues.
While the record casts shade on the reputations of the these sites, they will not really feel the pinch of any penalties. So Instantly can relaxation assured they’ll be succesful of continue purchasing low cost counterfeit items from China..

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