Bomb in Narathiwat explodes, monks and troopers unhurt

In the Deep South province of Narathiwat bordering on Malaysia, a bomb exploded this morning, with 2 monks and a pair of troopers narrowly escaping hurt. The explosion happened early this morning on the facet of the highway in Rueso district of the province that usually sees violence and bombings from native insurgents.
As is common for Buddhist monks in Thailand, the 2 monks were strolling down the road doing their morning alms. Because of the danger of insurgency and explosions, the 2 had been being escorted by 2 military rangers who had been offering protection and preserving them secure.
The four males have been walking on a road in the Rueso municipal space and shortly after they walked by one space a bomb went off round 6:35 am. Lucky the monks had been clear of the blast and there was nobody close sufficient to be hit by the bomb and there were no reported accidents.
Closet of the forty sixth Ranger Unit and the chief of the Rueso Police Station got here collectively to research the blast scene and help bomb disposal officers to verify the menace was neutralised. No one has been recognized as a suspect in planting the bomb and no person or group have claimed accountability for the incident..

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