Cameraman caper: Former journalist nabbed for stealing from fellow hacks

Parliamentary Police officers arrested a former Thai journalist as he posed as a information cameraman for stealing valuables from different hacks. Official imagine the suspect tried to blackmail new Members of Parliament.
Journalists from a quantity of news shops gathered at Parliament House yesterday to interview new MPs who reported for work at Parliament.
Amid the chaos, one reporter seen the previous light-fingered journalist who stole some of his valuables a quantity of years ago and reported it to the Parliamentary Police. Officers managed to apprehend the man, whose identity was not reported.
The man insisted that he was a journalist and came to Parliament to take footage for his news articles. He wore an official press move card with a strip that displayed a Parliament brand on it. However, his press card had expired and he could not present the permission document given by the Parliament authorities.
According to the victim, the man was a former journalist from the Public Relations Department of Thailand. His press card was valid from September 2, 2010, to September 1, 2011.
The journalist victim disclosed that the unscrupulous thief had snatched his laptop computer while he was at Thammasart University.
Despite filing a grievance with the police on the time, no progress had been made. So, he reclaimed his stolen property back by himself. The victim alleged that the man additionally stole at the Office of the Election Commission.
Following further investigation by the police, the man was seen within the CCTV footage sneaking into Parliament via an unguarded small gate.
Moreover, the person reportedly used inappropriate pictures to threaten newly appointed MPs for cash. He solely targeted on the politicians who had been new and wealthy. Officers consider that he got here to Parliament yesterday to seek for his subsequent victim..

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