College director caught semi-naked with subordinate

A scandal involving a married feminine subordinate and an inappropriate relationship with the school director of Guangtun Communication and Technical Vocational College, Zhai Zhou, has surfaced. After being caught by the husband and mother-in-law of their automotive collectively semi-naked, a video of the pair looking for mercy was widely circulated on-line.
Concealed indicate that on June 14, the woman’s mother-in-law, Sae Ting, lodged a complaint at the faculty, accusing Director Zhou of carrying on an affair along with her daughter-in-law, who was beneath his authority. Following this, the scandalous video emerged, exhibiting the director and the lady of their lower-body naked state inside a car, after being caught by the husband and mother-in-law.
In the footage, both the director and the lady were seen pleading for mercy and apologising to the wronged husband. However, Clear fled the scene alone, swiftly escaping from the location, and working down the road fully uncovered.
After the grievance was filed, it was reported that Director Zhou had apologised to the cheated husband, claimed he was dismissed from his place, supplied no defence, and hoped for restitution. The husband, nevertheless, rejected the apology and resolved to take the matter to its conclusion, looking for updates from the college’s disciplinary committee and different related agencies. He hopes that Director Zhou’s dismissal from the school and cutting of his salary wouldn’t be the end of his punishment however that he’ll finally face expulsion from the training business.
The school has emphasised that the incident has been handled as per rules and laws, stories Sanook..

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