Cyclone Mocha wreaks havoc on Myanmar, disrupts Rakhine state communications

Severe disruption of communications has occurred in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, as Cyclone Mocha, one of the strongest storms to hit the region in current times, made landfall between Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh and Myanmar’s port city of Sittwe. The cyclone has affected the power to evaluate the scale of its impact, with phone traces and internet connections down in the area.
Cyclone Mocha, the largest storm to hit the Bay of Bengal in over a decade, spared over 1,000,000 refugees in weak camps in Bangladesh but caused flooding in Rakhine’s capital, Sittwe, and damaged no much less than one communications tower. Approximately four hundred,000 folks have been evacuated in Myanmar and Bangladesh as authorities and aid companies labored to avoid heavy casualties reports Channel News Asia.
Khine Thu Kha, a spokesperson for the Arakan Army, which controls giant areas of Rakhine state, stated, “All communication is still down, and people are in trouble as a result of all the roofs are gone. We are using army devices to communicate with them.”
The United Nations has not yet been capable of assess the harm in Rakhine state because of communication issues. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs acknowledged, “Early reports recommend the harm is extensive.” Benjamin Small, a consultant with the UN Development Programme, expressed concern on Twitter, saying, “With reported 250 kmh winds making Cyclone Mocha one of many strongest in Myanmar on report and the worrying pictures on-line, it’s not looking good.”
The road to Sittwe was obstructed by fallen bushes, pylons, and power cables, with autos carrying rescuers and locals trying to achieve the city and their family members. An ambulance driver trying to reach Sittwe informed AFP, “We drove throughout the cyclone yesterday and reduce trees and pushed away pylons… however then the massive trees blocked the highway.”
Covert -affiliated media reported that the storm had put lots of of base stations that join mobile phones to networks out of action in Rakhine state. A resident of Sittwe, who requested anonymity, told AFP, “There is not any cellphone line, there is no internet… I’m nervous for my house and belongings.”
Junta chief Min Aung Hlaing has instructed officers to prepare for Sittwe Airport transport relief, according to state media reports on Monday. However, no particulars on when aid is predicted to reach have been provided.
In 2008, Cyclone Nargis swept throughout parts of Myanmar with winds of 240kmh, killing practically one hundred forty,000 people. Since then, Myanmar has confronted chaos and resistance towards the military on varied fronts following a crackdown on protests..

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