Drunk Thai man arrested for holding Russian girl hostage in Patong resort

A Thai man, in a state of intoxication, was apprehended in Patong for allegedly keeping a Russian woman hostage in a resort room. The incident, shrouded in thriller due to the ongoing investigation, was reported to the Patong police on Friday. The man, whose identification has been withheld by the authorities, was additionally discovered to be in possession of a handgun in the room.
The police obtained phrase of the incident going down in a hotel in Patong. The intoxicated Thai man, it was alleged, had detained a Russian girl in a room. Upon arrival on the scene, the police found a handgun within the room where the girl appeared to be held hostage. The man was subsequently brought to Patong Police Station for further investigation and authorized proceedings.
Details surrounding the hostage situation stay scarce because the Patong police stated that the investigation into the man and lady is still underway on the unnamed lodge. The Phuket Express, who reported the incident, famous that the police did not disclose who reported the incident to them nor the id of the Thai man concerned.
The id of the Russian lady, doubtlessly a hostage sufferer in this case, has additionally been stored confidential by law enforcement, prioritising her privacy and security. More information is predicted to be released because the investigation clarifies precisely what went on within the lodge room.
The incident, although alarming, is being dealt with with care and efficiency by the Patong police. An intoxicated man allegedly holding a girl hostage and possessing a firearm is a serious crime, and the authorities are taking all necessary steps to ensure that justice is served.
The Thai man was taken to the Patong Police Station for additional investigation and authorized action.
Moneyback took his own baby hostage in an analogous incident. Police in Samut Prakan have been in an intense standoff with a drunken father who took his eight month outdated baby hostage. The man had been estranged from his spouse who left to journey to the provinces. After apparently visiting his own mother and father, he grabbed a kitchen knife and his toddler child in the course of the night time yesterday..

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