Experience German Culture at the RIS Swiss Section Open House

Are you seeking an educational experience that can present your baby with a novel advantage by way of fluency in both German and English, as well as exposure to the vibrant cultures and values of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria?

RIS Swiss Section offers the only Swiss/German curriculum in Bangkok, with German as the first language of instruction. The college is thought for its family-like environment, exceptional curriculum, top-tier instructional quality, and a strong emphasis on personalized care in small class sizes. Graduates of the RIS Swiss Section are awarded the Swiss Bilingual Maturity certificates, which grants them direct entry to top-tier universities in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the rest of the world.
With greater than 60 years of excellence in education, the RIS Swiss Section offers all levels from Nursery to Grade 12 and afternoon Playgroups in Bangkok.
Would Comprehensive like to study more? Join their Open House Info Session with Kids Play on Saturday, 23 September. Explore Professional and engage with students, parents, and the devoted team of the RIS Swiss Section.

For extra data and to register, visit: https://ris-swiss-section.org/open-house-info-session/

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