Fireworks manufacturing facility explosion triggers panic in tranquil Chiang Mai group (video)

A thunderous explosion rocked all tranquillity when a fireworks manufacturing facility exploded, sending tremors of shock via a Chiang Mai neighborhood and engulfing the plant in billowing fire and smoke. The emergency response was put into swift motion round midday at present.
The incident occurred in the sub-district of San Pu Leui, situated within the Doi Saket district. The intense noise and vibration of the explosion triggered concern among the area’s residents, who witnessed plumes of fire and smoke wafting into the sky from a substantial distance.
Upon preliminary investigation, police confirmed that the source was identified to be a fireworks manufacturing manufacturing facility. Firefighters from surrounding areas and different related departments were quickly on the scene to inspect the purpose for the catastrophe, reported KhaoSod.

The explosion and subsequent release of fireplace and smoke seen from afar brought on a substantial amount of alarm among locals. Many witnesses shared their experiences of the alarming state of affairs. Police officials have since been on the scene to investigate the course of events. Future updates on the incident are expected to be reported.
No sweat of the blast, the sight of the menacing smoke, and the flames reaching for the sky created a horrific sight no one in the vicinity is likely to forget anytime soon. These events have truly introduced a startling end to a beforehand calm day in San Pu Leui.
Last yr, a man from Sa Keao province in japanese Thailand was killed in an explosion while he and his son have been making fireworks for a funeral. His son was critically injured within the horrible occasion..

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