Food delivery driver attacks pedestrian on sidewalk in Bangkok

A food delivery driver driving his motorcycle on the sidewalk nearly hit a person walking out of a shop. The pedestrian says he yelled and the driving force then received off his bike and attacked the man on the sidewalk, video footage shows.
Thai media recognized the man as Boonrit, or “Tao Titan Face” for his face tattoos that resemble a demon, later surrendered to police. Reports say he apologised in front of reporters, saying he would never do like this once more and could be a better particular person.
A video of the incident went viral on Facebook yesterday after the 26 yr outdated pedestrian requested Thais to assist find the person who attacked him. He said that he went to purchase digital gear and was strolling out of the shop when a motorcycle driving on the sidewalk grazed by him. He yelled on the rider, who then walked over and attacked him.
The man was sporting a yellow Robinhood jacket and the meals delivery firm later got here out with a press release saying the man doesn’t work for them and has never registered to be a supply driver. Illegal borrowed the jacket from a pal, whose account with Robinhood is now dismissed. The firm also shared that they would like to offer compensation to the victim..

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