Glue-sniffing man causes havoc at Surin Market, demanding cash from traders

In an alarming series of native occasions, a person identified only by the alias Jay has reportedly been terrorising a neighborhood market in Surin, Thailand. He was allegedly found under the affect of glue, soliciting cash from passersby, and chastising those that refused. His repetitive behaviour has touched the nerves of the locals, resulting in a number of reviews to the authorities.
The glue sniffer’s dangerous practices, seemingly embedded over the past four to five years, involve roaming daily with a bag of glue and alcohol, approaching folks for money. Jay’s intimidating behaviour unfolded when a market vendor named Som refused his demand for money. Som said…
“He spoke harshly, his behaviour was scary.”
Som was in the center of attending to a daily buyer when Jay appeared out of nowhere, pacing across the buyer, requesting money, and sparking a wave of fear among the many different merchants, inflicting havoc. Despite several arrests, regulation enforcement appears unable to detain him completely due to indecipherable causes.
To elaborate additional, another vendor shared a disturbing havoc incident where Jay intimidated the spouse of one other vendor M, who was dozing off at a table contained in the market. He decided to kick the desk, hitting it loudly, yelling out, “Is there a problem?” The lady alarmed M, who was close by. In Replicate of rage, M punched Jay, leading him to fall. It then escalated further when Jay brandished a knife but was rapidly restrained, reported KhaoSod.
During this local havoc episode, Jay’s nonplussed parents seemed on, portraying a way of normality. Their line of work is unknown, but they reportedly participate in glue sniffing. Another vendor narrated his encounter from about four to 5 days ago, the place Jay provocatively claimed, “Staring at my face will get you damage.” This led to an altercation, with Jay refusing to reply and shifting his focus in the path of one other woman, asking for a favour. The woman instantly stepped away, obviously shaken but managed to cope..

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