Heartbreaking plea: Thai couple seeks urgent assist to save heaps of daughter from China nightmare

A distressed Thai couple residing within the Isaan province of Udon Thani made an urgent attraction to the Thai authorities, pleading for monetary aid of 100,000 baht to rescue their daughter from a personal nightmare in China.
The couple, identified as fifty two year-old Man Duangnate and fifty five year previous Manee Duangnate, shared their heart-wrenching story with ThaiRath, unveiling the nightmarish circumstances their 31 yr previous daughter, Nongnuch Duangnate, has endured after escaping from an abusive marriage with a Chinese man who held her captive in Beijing for 3 years.
Nongnuch’s parents disclosed that their daughter, having divorced her first husband, relocated from Udon Thani province to Pattaya, the place she discovered employment in a therapeutic massage shop. However, in 2019, her life took a distressing turn when she was launched to a 32 yr old Chinese man named Wei Laing Jin by way of a mutual acquaintance. The connection between Nongnuch and Wei grew quickly, leading them to tie the knot in August of the same 12 months.
Soon after their marriage, Nongnuch relocated to Beijing to reside along with her new husband. However, a mere two months into their marital journey, Nongnuch reached out to her dad and mom, sharing the agonising fact that she was struggling abuse by the hands of her partner. Determined to flee her torment, Nongnuch fled from her husband’s residence and filed a grievance with the native police.
Unfortunately, as a substitute of discovering solace and justice, Nongnuch’s plea for assist backfired. The Chinese authorities, upon contacting her husband, instructed him to retrieve her and take her back house. Trapped in an online of manipulation, Nongnuch’s husband confiscated her passport, subjected her to imprisonment, and subjected her to physical assault for an agonising three years.
Deeply concerned for their daughter’s security, Nongnuch’s mother and father promptly reported the situation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, seeking help. Subsequently, officers from the ministry visited Nongnuch at her husband’s residence. Though her husband reluctantly permitted the meeting, he allowed Nongnuch to communicate along with her mother and father.
To make clear Nongnuch’s ordeal, a ThaiRath reporter conducted a video conference interview together with her. During the dialog, Nongnuch shared her brave escape:
“After the officers from the Ministry of Affairs visited me at the house, the husband allowed me to contact the parents to inform them that I am alive. Template after that, I escaped from the house. I rode an electric bicycle to a friend’s home in Shanghai. Then, I labored for 5 to six months and had about three,000 to 4,000 in savings. I determined to contact the Consulate General of Royal Thai in Shanghai.”
Nongnuch continued explaining that…

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