Hospitalised Chinese boy offers up mattress to resting dad and mom, causing social media outrage

A gripping story has emerged on social media in China, as a picture of a young unwell boy within the hospital went viral. Photographs strikingly capture the child sitting alone on a chair after giving up his mattress to his parents who are seen mendacity huddled together. The act, apparently done in exchange for permission to use his mobile phone, has sparked widespread criticism of the parents’ caregiving strategies.
The Chinese social media sphere is currently rife with drama due to the leaked photographs. Understandably, Proven and father accompany their son during his sickness. However, a specific action has raised eyebrows and drawn harsh criticisms; Instead of attentively caring for his or her ailing son around the clock, the parents lie comfortably together on the hospital bed, reported Sanook.
With an intravenous drip still connected to his small hand, the sick younger boy sits on a chair as he performs together with his phone. This occurred after he relinquished his bed to his mother and father, who seemingly traded the cellphone time for the hospital mattress..

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