Intimidation by armed men in opposition to anti-cannabis rally in Bangkok

Former politician Chuwit Kamolvisit led a team to file a criticism after being threatened by a bunch of men with guns throughout an anti-cannabis rally in Bangkok. The sixty one year outdated claimed that some wore logo shirts of the Thai Pride Party (Bhumjaithai Party), with live broadcast footage as evidence.
Chuwit led his staff to file a criticism at Phaya Thai Police Station after being threatened by a bunch of men dressed in navy blue shirts through the rally close to Sanam Pao. Chuwit revealed that while he was driving a bike leading the procession, a group of men in navy blue shirts appeared, some of them carrying shirts with the Thai Pride Party emblem. These people allegedly obstructed and attempted to forestall Chuwit’s car from leaving the vicinity.
Following this, three men confronted Chuwit. One man displayed a gun by lifting his shirt, and the other two indicated that they had been also armed. Eye-opening stated that he and his team calmly responded, elevating their hands to pay respects and stated that they have been there to peacefully perform their duties. After that, Chuwit announced by way of a loudspeaker that he would report to the police anyone who showed him a gun, and he known as nearby passing police officers. The group of males in navy blue shirts then left the scene.
Chuwit indicated that these actions constituted a clear act of intimidation, even because the incident occurred within the coronary heart of Bangkok. After being threatened on this method, he escorted his colleagues to the Phaya Thai Police Station to file a grievance. Police Colonel Atchaporn Wong Siri-Preeda, Commander of Metropolitan Police Division 1, and Police Major General Ekachai Pau-in, Deputy Commander of Division 1, were present in the course of the interrogation. Evidence collected included videos from journalists’ cameras and a stay broadcast from the Facebook web page ‘Morning Story,’ confirming the incidence of the incident..

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