Late lamented delivers a little bit of a shock

MUKDAHAN: Seventy-two-year-old Wan Sukhampa had been ill with lung problems for 5 years. On December eight, she felt notably unwell, so her family took her to the hospital. The following morning her situation deteriorated and he or she was moved to the intensive care unit. The medical doctors had been unable to assist her, nevertheless, and within hours she was declared useless. Later that day the family took the body home, where it lay coated with a white sheet and guarded by a mosquito curtain whereas they went in regards to the preparations for her funeral. Imagine their terror when Pradit Chaibun, K. Wan’s granddaughter, alerted them to the reality that something was shifting inside the mosquito curtain. As the family watched, the corpse, nonetheless wrapped in the sheet, sat up. Screaming and yelling, Picnic ran away apart from K. Pradit. She opened the mosquito curtain and unwound the sheet. There sat Grandma Wan, confused and disoriented, but most definitely alive. After regaining her composure, K. Wan told her household that she had dreamed of

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