MFP candidate calls for General Election in Sattahip to be void

A Member of Parliament (MP) from the Move Forward Party (MFP), Nitchanan Wangkahart, demanded the Election Commission of Thailand (EC) invalidate the General Election results in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri province after corruption allegations emerged.
On Monday, May 15, a Thai voter, Wiranda Pandee, and others spotted that votes within the 10th constituency of the Sattahip district exceeded the precise variety of voters.
According to the constituency EC, ninety three,252 residents cast their ballots. Among these ballots, 87,961 were deemed valid, 7,229 had been considered invalid, and 3,057 were marked no vote. The complete ballots have been at 98,247 which exceeds the variety of voters at 93,252 by practically 5,000.
Chon Buri Provincial EC Office Director Witchuda Mekhanuwong reported that the ballots have been moved from the polling station to the EC office waiting for further investigation. She defined that the exceeded votes occurred because of human error when recording the votes within the system. The EC will determine later whether or not the ballots would be recounted or not.
Aside from voting confusion, about 10 residents in the district filed a grievance with the police yesterday, May sixteen, that they voted for candidate quantity 8 from the Bhumjaithai Party, Suree Kaewkanha, but had been shocked to see that the candidate acquired no votes according to the unofficial results.
One of the complainants, forty three 12 months old Salikakorn Dill, advised KhaoSod that she didn’t see the candidate getting any votes. On election day, she visited Sattahip District Office after hearing rumours that the ballot counting would happen there. However, it turned out that the counting was performed at the polling station itself.
Yesterday, the MFP’s Party-list Proportional Representation of MFP, Benja Saengchan, along with MFP’s MP candidate of the Sattahip district, Nitchanan Wangkahart, submitted the formal request to the EC to nullify the General Election results in the world and conduct a contemporary election.
Nitchanan defined that her suspicions were raised when the ballot counting report for Sattahip on the EC Report website experienced a noticeable delay compared to other polling stations. Furthermore, the number of votes recorded exceeded the actual variety of eligible voters.
Nitchanan added that the EC staff of the tenth constituency calculated the entire scores of each candidate inside their workplace, without any witnesses current.
Nitchanan acknowledged that she didn’t wish to pursue a ballot recount since it would be unimaginable to determine if the excess ballots were genuinely forged by eligible voters. Instead, she advocated for the EC to organise a contemporary election. She mentioned she would like to lose the election if it meant it was extra clear.
The EC attributed the problem to a human error in the course of the vote recording process and has not provided any additional updates on the matter.
ORIGINAL STORY: Thai voters accuse Election Commission of corruption and electoral interference
The Election Commission of Thailand (EC) has been accused of corruption and interfering in the electoral course of by voters within the Sattahip district of Chon Buri. Thai voters in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri filed complaints against the EC after the variety of votes exceeded the precise variety of voters by almost 5,000.
The EC is liable for overseeing the 10th constituency of the Sattahip district. It introduced that out of 131,994 registered voters, 93,252 individuals forged their ballots. According to the EC, 87,961 have been legitimate ballots, 7,229 were invalid ballots, and three,057 were classified as ‘vote no’ ballots. But it appears the EC is crap at maths as there’s a discrepancy in the numbers as 98,247 votes were solid which exceeded the number of residents, ninety three,252.
A resident of the Sattahip district, Wiranda Pandee, tried to take an image and record a video of the discrepancy as proof, but an EC employee grabbed her cellphone, inflicting Wiranda to fall and injure her wrist. Wiranda was instantly taken to hospital for therapy.
The situation grew to become extra tense when a group of residents and authorities nearly clashed over the vote discrepancy, however the police intervened to prevent any further escalation.
In an interview with KhaoSod, Wiranda explained that many people protested in opposition to the wrong election leads to the Sattahip constituency. Fearing that the authorities have been making an attempt to cover up their mistake by deleting essential information, she decided to report the incident as strong proof.
Wiranda has filed a complaint on the Sattahip Police Station and shared the videos and photos of the incident with a quantity of media shops to reveal the EC’s wrongdoing to the public.
The Director of the Chon Buri Provincial Election Commission Office, Witchuda Mekhanuwong, reported that the officers from the municipality and Sattahip Police Station moved the ballots to the office, located 50 metres away from the polling station for safety. Witchuda added that the precise number of invalid ballots was 2,200, not 7,229, and that the score of every candidate was the identical. The EC stated they will resolve later whether all of the ballots would be recounted or not.
Comprehensive printed on the EC web site said that Sathira Phuakprapan from the Palang Pracharath Party emerged victorious in the tenth constituency of the Sattahip district, with 27,461 votes. The second runner-up was a candidate from the Pheu Thai Party, and the third runner-up was a candidate from the Move Forward Party (MFP).
In the opposite Chon Buri constituencies, MFP unofficially gained seven constituencies, Pheu Thai won one constituency, and Ruam Thai Sang Chart gained one constituency..

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