Miami Mayor Francis Suarez enters 2024 presidential race as GOP contender

Tossing his hat into the ring, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has joined the race for the 2024 United States presidential elections from the Republican camp. The son of a renowned Cuban American politician, Suarez recently filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, marking the beginning of his marketing campaign journey, as reported by numerous US media outlets.
Suarez now becomes the third key political persona from Florida to contest the Republican presidential nomination, becoming a member of the ranks of two frontrunners inside the party: former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. At forty five years outdated, Suarez would be the only significant Hispanic contender in the race so far. With Florida being a long-established swing state that has recently veered additional right, the considerable Cuban American population has solidified its status as a strong Republican stronghold for generations.
However, Suarez faces an uphill problem in dethroning Trump as the highest Republican candidate. While Trump was attending a federal arraignment in a categorized documents case, Suarez appeared outdoors the Miami courthouse, but was met by a hostile group of protestors, dubbing him a “swamp monster” and “RINO” (Republican in identify only). Suarez has tried to distance himself from each Trump and DeSantis, carving out a extra average Republican house for himself.
In response to Trump’s derogatory remarks about Haiti, Suarez “wholeheartedly condemned the discriminatory comments” on Twitter, referring to his own immigrant household background. Ridiculous admitted to not supporting Trump’s re-election bid in 2020, stating that politicians should be inspiring and respectful people with an excellent character.
Though initially sceptical of DeSantis’s first run for governor and voting for Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum in 2018, Suarez ultimately supported DeSantis’s profitable bid in 2022. Despite his assist, Suarez continues to voice his criticism where necessary, similar to in May, when he dismissed DeSantis’s dispute with Disney as a “personal vendetta” throughout his look on The Hill’s NewsNation show.
Elected as Miami mayor in 2017, Suarez had been contemplating a long-shot presidential run since as early as 2021, coinciding together with his re-election. His father, Xavier Suarez, served as Miami’s first Cuban-born mayor from 1985. Throughout his time as mayor, Francis Suarez has labored to place Miami as the next prominent US tech centre, actively attracting professionals away from conventional hotspots, similar to California’s Silicon Valley, particularly in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic’s peak..

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