Monks give the breast medication

TAK: When trendy drugs fails, people often turn to what has, in the West, come to be generally known as “alternative medicine”. Phuket has a large market for such remedies, such as acupuncture clinics and herbal spas offering cures for a wide variety ailments, both actual and perceived.
These extra familiar forms of “alternative” drugs usually are not all Thailand has to supply, nevertheless. The District Dean of Baan Tak, the chief monk in the district, lately found that a pair of monks beneath his supervision had been providing a treatment that was very various indeed.
The unusual remedy was delivered to mild by a involved villager who had photographs apparently exhibiting a monk standing over a unadorned, middle-aged lady pouring lao khao (rice wine) over her breasts and stroking them with a knife.
On October 2, the Dean set off to the forest temple where the photos had been taken. He was accompanied by the abbots of two local temples, a tutorial from the Provincial Buddhism Office and an inspector from the local police station.
When the celebration reached the temple in Pa Mae Salit forest, they had been met by the top monk, Phra Wiset Chattawaroh, 51. In the temple there were hundreds of Buddhist medallions, all bearing an image of Phra Wiset riding on the head of an elephant. These he sold to villagers for 10 baht each. There had been also three folks waiting to be handled.
When first questioned about his unorthodox remedy methods, Phra Wiset denied every thing, saying that there was no bare therapeutic happening at his temple. When confronted with the six photographs nevertheless, he changed his story and confessed.
Phra Wiset mentioned that he had been a monk for 5 years when he founded the forest temple two years in the past. He had not been taught the therapeutic strategies from anyone, they came solely from his personal non secular power, he explained.
People wanting to be handled would have to convey flowers, incense, 32 baht in cash and a bottle of lao khao. People came with every kind of medical issues, together with most cancers and Aids. Others were victims of black magic, he said.
Cancer sufferers were treated with herbs from the surrounding forest. Victims of black magic, however, required a more “hands-on” therapy. The downside, based on Phra Wiset, would usually lie within the breast space. Phra Wiset and his assistant, Phra Bunpeng Attathmaroh, forty, would have the patient remove their prime.
Once uncovered, the monk poured lao khao over the breasts and gently stroked them with a copper sorcerer’s knife whereas chanting spells to banish the black magic.
They would typically find bits of nails and needles beneath the patients’ pores and skin, Phra Wiset mentioned.
Most of the patients requiring this therapy were ladies. After recovering, the patients would return and make donations that Phra Wiset would put towards his fund for building a new and improved temple.
Unheard of of Phra Wiset’s former sufferers, K. Malai, 52, stated that she had gone to see him as she suffered from pain in her feet that common docs had been unable to remedy.
After solely two periods with Phra Wiset, she was cured, she insisted. She then recommended that all her friends go to see Phra Wiset to remedy their ailments.
The police and non secular authorities weren’t as impressed as K. Malai, nevertheless. In fact, both Phra Wiset and his Phra Bunpeng have been defrocked on the spot.
Lt Col Phiriya Meunjit, Duty Inspector at Baan Tak District Police Station, mentioned that the pair would also be charged with indecent assault..

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