Pathum Thani noise grievance ends in multiple drug busts

You can make some noise, or you’ll find a way to break some laws, however you must keep away from doing both. After neighbours complained of a Pathum Thani rental in a luxury building making excessive noise, police checked it out and uncovered a drug-dealing operation. The investigation led to a number of arrests.
The Department Of Provincial Administration joined the district chief of Klong Luang in Pathum Thani to investigate the noise complaint and ended up organising a sting operation that culminated in a drug bust as an alternative of just a noise violation.
The sting offered a low-level drug deal of just 500 baht and ensnared a 26 yr old Thai man and a 24 yr old Thai man who was a fourth year college pupil. The Pathum Thani bust recovered the five hundred baht from the drug deal as properly as 2 full marijuana plants and imported heads for growing, weighing simply over 46 grams. Other paraphanalia and proof was seized too.
The raid was a small one, however police leveraged the young dealers to try to climb up the availability chain for a more significant bust. บริษัทติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ชั้นนำ -time sellers rolled over on one other location in Pathum Thani just a few kilometres where police encountered 4 people doing medication.
Police found and seized 514 grams of compressed marijuana on the premise in the second bust. They also made 2 more arrests associated to the case including following the path from the busts to locate and arrest a drug runner who was stopped in the course of a supply. He had 182 grams of marijuana on him.
The man claimed that he had no concept that the parcels he was delivering contained unlawful drugs, saying that a woman who appeared like a traditional vendor told him he was just delivering muffins, for which he was paid a mere 280 baht..

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