Police arrest alleged kingpin of drug community in Northern Thailand

Police arrested an alleged kingpin of a drug community in Northern Thailand known as “Polly.” Yesterday’s arrest follows a drug seizure of 2.3 million methamphetamine pills, or “yaba,” which suggests “crazy drug,” in the Phrae province again in January.
44 year outdated Amnatsin Jansuk, also known as “Ek Samrong,” was arrested in Samut Prakan, just southeast of Bangkok. He was arrested the car parking zone of Samrong Nuea market on suspicion of promoting and disseminating a Category 1 narcotic. Ek allegedly hired an unsuspecting driver to transport the medicine across the nation.
Before follows a drug seize earlier this year. On January 15, officers at Huai Rai Narcotics Checkpoint did an x-ray scan of a pick-up truck loaded with fruit and greens and located 12 sacks of methamphetamine tablets, containing round 2,300,000 tablets in complete.
The driver of the pick-up reportedly claimed he was hired in Chiang Rai to deliver the market goods to Samut Prakan. Reports say the driver defined that he had been employed to take the identical journey thrice previously, getting paid 6,000 baht each time.
Upon inspection, officers found the methamphetamine drugs branded with “7,999” and “L”, a brand never found before by police. It was later found that the pills belonged to the Polly drug ring of northern Thailand. Police have made three arrests from the network in three months, seizing over 9 million tablets in total..

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