Police nab 600kg heroin drug bust, year’s biggest in Northeast

The largest haul of heroin in Thailand’s Northeast region this yr was intercepted today when authorities impounded 600 kilogrammes of compressed heroin in Nakhon Phanom. The chief of Provincial Police Region 4 confirmed that the stash with a avenue value of no much less than 2 billion baht was seized late final night time by local police in possession of a suspected drug runner.
The forty six 12 months old suspected drug transporter was adopted by native police and taken into custody at a resort in Ban Phaeng district. They searched his car and found the 600 kilogrammes of heroin divided into 1,673 bars of the drug in a compressed type. The man claims he is merely a paid drug courier and somebody paid him only 5,000 baht to maneuver the 2 million baht of heroin from there to the south of Thailand. It seems that police have been in a place to seize him earlier than his journey even began.
He informed police the unnamed people who employed him were members of a global drug cartel. The medicine are suspected to have come into Thailand by way of a northern border, either Myanmar or probably Laos. Value could be moved throughout the nation to the southern region where the heroin can be despatched across borders and sold overseas.
Drugs flowing across the Myanmar border have turn out to be harder with the Burmese civil unrest since the February 1 coup compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic swarming the area. Security alongside the porous border has been strengthened to prevent migrants and refugees from bringing Covid-19 into Thailand. Drug traffickers have been shifting their provide routes to cross into Thailand over the Laos border instead.
The complete area at the intersection of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos, referred to as the Golden Triangle, has lengthy been a hotbed for illicit and criminal activity including rampant drug trafficking in addition to human and animal trafficking, gambling, and extra. Police have been working hard to scale back the influx of drug trafficking from the region into Thailand and that is the newest (and one of many largest) in a near-constant string of enormous drug busts.
A variety of police businesses collaborated in identifying, tracking, and apprehending this drug runner, and authorities pledged to proceed the investigation in hopes of capturing extra members of the drug cartel larger up in the community and possibly even uncover the kingpins of the operation..

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