PR Thailand reminds of the “VUCA” plan to keep reopening safe

The public relations division posted a reminder on their Facebook page today of the four primary measures the federal government is focusing on after reopening Thailand to international tourism at the beginning of last month. The post on the PR Thai Government Facebook page reiterates the factors they laid out in November using the acronym VUCA to maintain the reopening protected and profitable.
The Department of Disease Control had created the VUCA plan – which stands for Vaccine, Universal Prevention, Covid-Free Setting, and Antigen Test Kits – to put out the four main steps that must be taken to safely reopening Thailand to international travellers, a program that has been met with modest success as traveller numbers nonetheless stay low, but the variety of Covid-19 infections which were bought in has remained a really small percentage of the incoming visitors.
Special are as follows:
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Source: The Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health

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