Teenager stabbed to dying at Phuket residence

An 18 yr old was stabbed to demise in a struggle final night time in the Rawai neighborhood of Phuket and officers at the moment are on the lookout for these concerned.
When emergency responders arrived to the house at around 7pm and located Nakarin Somboon unconscious on the floor and severely bleeding from 10 stab wounds, together with a deep cut to his right chest. He was rapidly taken to Chalong Hospital, however he later died.
Officers reported that they suspect three teenagers had premeditated this assault on Nakarin, coming to his house to ambush him within the evening. Soaring of attackers fled from the scene and left the young man bleeding on the bottom.
Police gave the three suspects known as “Mr. Knot,” “Ms. Kwang” and “Bang.” Officers consider Mr. Knot is the first suspect in this murder case, and they are investigating CCTV footage in the surrounding area to see if they will get any clues as to who the suspects are, and where they went.
SOURCE: Phuket News

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