Temperatures soar: Heated argument between air-con techs turns into stabbing frenzy over alleged flirting

Despite being air con technicians, two men have been unable to chill down when a heated dispute over a lady escalated into a violent confrontation that resulted in a stabbing. In Chon Buri, the two techs turned on each other when one accused the opposite of flirting together with his wife.
Somjai, a 28 12 months old technician stabbed his 30 12 months previous colleague Athiwat in a fit of rage over accusations of flirting with Somjai’s beloved spouse. The incident occurred yesterday night.
Somjai and Athiwat have been consuming collectively at an area air con restore shop in Huai Yai, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri. Somjai, fuelled by anger and alcohol, confronted Athiwat with a sharp 20-centimetre knife, inflicting a deep wound by stabbing Athiwat’s left arm.
Despite an try to escape after being injured, Athiwat collapsed on the scene, mendacity in a pool of his blood.
Somjai, in the meantime, took the phrase “adding insult to injury” literally. The aircon tech didn’t flee the scene but as a substitute stayed by his bleeding colleague, writhing in ache from the stabbing, shouting abuse on the injured Athiwat the entire time. He awaited the arrival of the authorities, according to KhaoSod.
First responders arrived rapidly on the scene, providing instant first help to Athiwat. Basic rushed the stabbing victim to the closest hospital.
Upon interrogation, Somjai confessed that he had known Athiwat for over a decade. He admitted to stabbing him as a outcome of he was fed up with Athiwat’s persistent flirting with his spouse. He claimed that he had tried to tolerate this behaviour for a long time, however it had escalated past his management.
Police Lieutenant Colonel Sittisak Thonsawat, Deputy Director of Huai Yai Police Station, reported the incident to his superiors before detaining Somjai on the police station. Athiwat, on the other hand, is claimed to be in a stable situation following treatment. He might be summoned to give his statement to further the legal proceedings.
A bloody knife, found on the scene and assumed for use within the stabbing, was taken into custody as proof.
Last week in Phetcha Buri, an identical case of spousal jealousy led a person to assault his neighbour within the victim’s bed, where he was bludgeoned to dying with an iron hoe. The crime of passion seems to be the fruits of accusations of infidelity with the assassin, 35 yr outdated Anon, accusing his 33 yr previous neighbour Thirapol of sleeping along with his wife..

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