Temple of temptations: Youths’ indecent escapades elevate issues in Buriram province

Highlighting a growing concern for one temple in Buriram province, youths have been discovered participating in indecent activities, including consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and having sex on the premises. The concern raised considerations about the sanctity of spiritual websites and ignited a call for the police to take motion.
Buddhist monks of the revered Pa Rerai temple in Nang Rong district at present voiced their dismay. They found quite a few events the place youths had discretely gathered to engage in illicit activities, together with alcohol consumption, smoking, and clandestine sexual encounters inside the temple’s bathroom facilities.
Though shocking, the proof left behind at the sacred site is evident. Bottles of alcoholic drinks, cigarette butts, and quite worryingly, numerous condoms, have been discovered. The monks are left to graciously clean up the mess, Khaosod reported.
Disturbingly, this defiance is not merely confined to secretive activities. Vandalism has been found at multiple factors throughout the holy website. Fragments from the remnants of detonated ping pong bombs were found scattered, coupled with graffiti defacing the temple’s small homes and varied signposts, portray a harmful picture of disrespect. Repeated warnings from the monks have seemingly fallen on deaf ears, as these activities proceed unabated.
Pisan Ananto, a monk, expressed his deep frustration on the defying group of teenagers. The monk revealed their reckless behaviour extends to not only consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes on the premises however at instances to detonating ping pong bombs, displaying a complete disregard for the sanctity of the temple and the legal guidelines that govern such acts. Despite previous situations of police intervention and warnings, the state of affairs stays unresolved at its core.
Adding Smooth to the disturbing revelation, the monk divulged cases encompassing occupation of monks’ quarters and consuming alcohol without any worry, outrightly blind to the monks, or some other person’s presence. Aghast, he lamented that, past the outrageousness, they engaged in sexual activity inside the temple’s bathrooms. Following such incidents, monks would find themselves liable for cleaning up and collecting littered condoms.
Visan further pleaded for assistance and decisive action from any concerned organisations or police, emphasising the urgency to curb these common incursions by reckless youths. Beyond its inappropriate nature, allegations are raised that this behaviour is also a potential threat to the security of the monks on this temple, together with its venerable abbot..

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