Thai-Finnish couple suspected of running prostitution ring in Finland

A Thai-Finnish couple aged around 60 years old is suspected of working a prostitution ring spanning six cities in Finland working since 2014.
The Helsinki police division wrapped up its investigation and handed the case over to Western Finland’s prosecutor’s office.
The lady allegedly sub-letted Thai therapeutic massage outlets in the six cities of Joensuu, Kuopio, Mikkeli, Jyvaskyla, Kokkola, and Seinajoki to Thai intercourse employees, who sold intercourse companies inside enterprise premises, which the two main suspects reaped financial benefits from, reports Scandasia.
While prostitution (the change of sexual acts for money) is not against the law in Finland, shopping for or promoting sex services in a public place and operating a brothel or different types of pimping are unlawful. As is shopping for sex from a victim of human trafficking.
On Pay zero , the lead investigator in the case said…
“The suspects knew that the premises were being used for the intercourse trade. We additionally suspect that they helped a few of these involved to list their services on prostitution web sites.”
Police did not discover evidence that the women were forced or deceived. Many of the sex employees arrived in Finland with partners however turned to intercourse work when their relationships broke down and their financial state of affairs deteriorated, especially since their lack of language abilities prevented them from accessing other kinds of work.
“Such exclusion from society is sort of common amongst Thai sex employees in Finland. The Interior Ministry revealed a report on their standing in Finland 15 years in the past. The situation has not improved a lot since then.”
In October, police arrested the CEO of the berry-picking company “Polarica” in Finland beneath suspicion of human trafficking after he allegedly deceived 1100 Thais and housed them in poor situations.
After a number of complaints, Finnish police suspected that Kristo’s berry pickers have been “in a scenario of dependency on their employer” and forced to stay in subpar housing..

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