Thai Smile Airways’ turbulent tiff: Passenger’s ‘left-behind’ fiasco halts takeoff in Chiang Mai (video)

A Thai Smile Airways flight needed to make an emergency cease as it taxied down the runway after a overseas passenger demanded the aircraft returned to the terminal gate so he may decide up his left behind valuables at Chiang Mai International Airport.
A Thai TikTok person, bandzlam, shared a video of the incident when a foreign man urged a flight attendant to stop the plane as a outcome of he forgot his belongings. The video recorder also panned to her left facet showing that the plane was shifting on the runway while the foreigner requested it to cease.
The caption within the video acknowledged that the international man was an Arabian passenger, but the airline has not but confirmed the assertion. The Tiktoker stated…
“The incident occurred in Chaing Mai on July 19. This Arabian passenger forgot his bag at the airport and compelled a flight attendant to cease the airplane for him when the airplane was about to take off. The man claimed that his money and valuables have been in the bag. The airline finally stopped the aircraft and asked all of his family members to leave.”
Due to the noise within the cabin, the dialog between the flight attendant and the international passenger was not clear. In response to the urgent request earlier than take-off, the pilot made an official announcement to the other passengers, explaining the brief interruption.
“We have to quickly discontinue the flight for the security of all passengers. We might be taking the affected passenger again to the terminal, and the process is anticipated to take roughly two to 5 minutes. We sincerely apologise for the delay.”
The TikTok user added the overseas passenger insisted on leaving the plane alone to retrieve the bag, but airport officers inspired all of his relations to accompany him in accordance with safety measures.
Thai netizens expressed their opinions on the issue within the remark sections. Most of them advised that the passengers should deal with their belongings to keep away from disruption to others. The comments stated…
“I as soon as forgot my cell phone in Shang Hai. The airplane didn’t even transfer at the moment, but the flight attendant did not permit me to get off the aircraft and did not even provide help. It is the lesson that we should deal with our belonging.”
“Arabian type, self-centred.”
“I forgot belongings abroad, but the flight attendant supported me by coordinating with their group and delivered my stuff to my vacation spot.”
“This is a plane, not a public bus.”
“Normally, officers will never enable anyone to depart the airplane to forestall the potential of any risks, like leaving one thing harmful on board.”
Thai Smile Airline later clarified the incident through an interview with Channel three. The airline explained that the incident occurred through the flight from Chaing Mai to Bangkok. The foreign passengers insisted to end their journey and reported their problem to the cabin crew.
The airline emphasised that they followed the standard procedures by returning to the terminal to allow the affected passengers to disembark.
According to Premiere , the relevant departments confirmed that this incident didn’t have any results on other flights working on similar schedules..

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