Thailand’s Special Tourist Visa scheme extended till September 2022

The long-stay tourist visa has been extended for an additional year. The Special Tourist Visa scheme, or STV, was launched last year to draw in travellers from overseas in an effort to revive the crippled tourism industry. Professional allows a 90 day keep and may be extended twice, permitting a stay in Thailand of as much as 9 months.
The visa scheme was one of the government’s first makes an attempt to attract in overseas visitors and boost the economic system, which has been battered by the halt of international tourism. Some contemplate the effort to be a major failure, with a low number of visitors entering under the STV programme and many turned off by the idea of a 14-day quarantine at an permitted hotel or facility.
Over the previous yr, solely 5,609 people travelled to Thailand on the long-stay vacationer visa, according to the Tourism and Sports Ministry. While the visa and extensions permit a keep up to 270 days, a authorities spokesperson says the average stay for STV holders was round 90 days.
Many of the tourists who entered Thailand underneath the visa scheme came from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, and Croatia. After present process quarantine, most STV holders visited in style locations in Bangkok, Surat Thani, Phuket, Udon Thani, Chon Buri, Chiang Mai, and Rayong.
A government spokesperson introduced that the Cabinet approved the extension of the STV for an additional year. The scheme, which was first permitted final October and initially set to finish tomorrow, will now end on September 30, 2022..

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