TikTok cell store owner praised for aiding aged man with utility bills

A TikTok person who runs a cell phone repair and purchase store made headlines this week for his kindness in the direction of an aged man that pawns his mobile phone each month to pay his utility payments. The store proprietor not solely refrains from charging interest but also offers the aged man with food to take home.
The account @5parinyaaek888 posted a video of the elderly man reclaiming his pawned cell phone, which he brings in monthly. He receives a quantity of hundred baht each time, which fits in path of his monthly water and electricity payments. Every time he pawns his telephone, he allows the redemption interval to lapse, waiting until his aged allowance is disbursed earlier than he can reclaim it.
The shop owner, often recognized as Eak, revealed to the Trending Team that the elderly man visits as soon as a month, pawning his telephone for a number of hundred baht each time. He waits for his aged allowance, causing the pawn to lapse each time. However, Psycho keeps the phone for him without charging curiosity. He additionally provides him with rice and food every time, out of sympathy.
Upon the story’s launch, netizens praised the store owner’s compassion extensively.
Unfortunately, TikTok is also a useful platform to share bad information as one user found this morning.
A TikTok user’s video exhibiting automobile wash technicians allegedly stealing automotive elements has caused an uproar. The clip was accompanied by a warning caption that read…

“Took my automotive to get washed and got my catalytic converter stolen. Saw it with my own eyes, 4 to 5 mechanics had been engaged on it enthusiastically. Ended up at the police station.”

The automotive wash rip-off led to a flurry of online queries asking for the placement of the automotive wash to keep away from utilizing its companies..

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