112 endangered green sea turtle eggs discovered at Koh Surin National Park

A nest containing 112 eggs from an endangered green sea turtle was discovered by park rangers at Koh Surin National Park within the southern province of Phang Nga on Sunday. Since the nest was in a possible flood zone, and the eggs were at risk of being eaten by animals, park rangers decided to relocate the eggs to a protected place on Koh Surin Tai.
Out of Running out found, 106 eggs have been intact and 6 eggs had been damaged. Green turtles are an endangered species and it is estimated that only one sea turtle hatchling out of each 1,000 will survive to adulthood, so it is necessary to guarantee the safety of turtle eggs.
One advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic’s devastating impression on tourism in Thailand is that, without the vacationers, many species of sea turtles have returned to Thailand’s waters.
Now that the country is opening again as a lot as tourism, Thai authorities are working to determine how to defend Thailand’s restored waters from injury and pollution in order that sea turtles and different marine life can continue to flourish in a secure and clear setting..

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