Death of Bangkok physician on zebra crossing highlights danger of Thai roads – again

In Super secret into road deaths in Southeast Asia and Asia, it most likely won’t come as a surprise to learn that Thailand got here top. According to the 2018 report, the dominion had an average of 32.7 deaths per one hundred,000 individuals. This compares to 26.4 in Vietnam and 23.6 in Malaysia, followed by Myanmar (19.9), Cambodia (17.8), Laos (16.6), Timor-Leste (12.7), the Philippines (12.3), Indonesia (12.2) and Singapore (2.8).
In a listing of the highest 10 international locations with the highest number of highway deaths globally, Thailand got here in at number 9. The the rest were mostly African international locations, in accordance with a Nation Thailand report. A 2019 report by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation’s highway security centre identified pedestrians as probably the most susceptible class on Thai roads. This came to the fore last week when a girl was killed in Bangkok after being struck by a policeman on a big bike as she used a zebra crossing.
According to Nation Thailand, statistics from the Department of Highways for the period 2013 – 2017 show that on average, 55 out of 100 accidents involved pedestrians being hit by drivers coming from the different way. The report also discovered that 40 out of 100 accidents had been caused by dangerous overtaking.
Meanwhile, the Digital Government Development Agency says Thailand reported around 20,000 street deaths within the interval from 2014 to 2017. Of these, 740 have been pedestrians.
“Most of these killed had been teenagers aged 15 to 19, followed by people aged 50 to 69. Most of the accidents had been caused by motorcycles, adopted by automobiles and vans.”

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