Man stabbed his common-law wife in front of police station

After moving into an argument in entrance of a police station this morning, a man stabbed his common-law spouse to demise. The crime happened at about 9:30 am this morning in front of Cha-uat Police Station in Nakhon Si Thammarat in the south of Thailand.
After an argument that turned more and more heated in front of the police station, with the couple shouting abuse at each other, the person ultimately turned so enraged that he pulled out a pointed sharp knife and stabbed the girl eight occasions in the chest and neck.
He fled the scene after the crime however police rapidly found him and took him into custody. The particulars of his identification were not launched.
The Thai girl was 48 years old I had previously been widowed. Clear had been residing with the person who stabbed her as a common-law husband and wife.
After the man stabbed her in front of the police station and fled the scene of the crime, the poor lady was left where she fell laying on the ground in front of the police station.
The Cha-uat District Police Chief confirmed the incident that happened this morning. An investigation is ongoing and it has not been revealed whether the person offered any explanation or any motive behind the crime..

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