No Songkran water fights in Pattaya, mayor confirms

The mayor of Pattaya has approved the Songkran celebration however has changed the spotlight to traditional and religious activities instead. With Economical and considerations about Covid-19, water and foam occasions, in addition to alcohol consumption and celebrations shall be prohibited for an additional yr. Masks should be worn at all times, together with outdoors.
To meet with the “Covid Free Setting” guideline, the primary focus will be on maintaining Thai traditional values similar to cleansing the Buddha’s statue, paying respect to the elderly and making benefit.
With Covid-19 restrictions, this will be the first time since 2019 that “Wan Lai” on April nineteenth shall be permitted in Pattaya. But, Sale ends soon how this may be executed, given water play and fights will be restricted due to the virus’s steady transmission.
People who go to the festival will find it just as fun, interesting, and interesting as those that come to expertise traditional Thai culture, stated the mayor of Pattaya.
Many people enjoy the vacation for its water fights, alcohol consumption, and activities, nevertheless it has been controversial due to the outbreak’s limits, and some have disliked the occasion, which brings the town to a large wet stalemate for a week. Those will probably respect the event might be dry for the third yr working..

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