Pattaya Beach fight over an affair on TikTok ends in 5 arrests

A fistfight that broke out and gathered a crowd on Central Pattaya Beach close to the mall resulted in 5 folks being arrested. Pattaya City Police were alerted of a battle at around 10:30 within the night on Monday night and went to the scene to research.
In the patrol unit arrived, they discovered a quantity of fights on and across the seaside and a small crowd of youngsters who had gathered to watch the drama, with a number of of the onlookers taking videos on their phones. The first fistfight was next to the beach and involved 2 men that were about 25 years old. The second fight was close by on the seashore between 2 women stated to even be across the age of 25.
Aside from Eye-opening combating, a fifth person was taken into custody, although the Pattaya police didn’t specify whether they have been participating within the precise struggle or concerned within the melee in another means.
The group had apparently met up on the seashore as a protected public place to discuss some drama. One of the women was having an affair with the other’s boyfriend and had posted tales concerning the relationship on her TikTok account. The TikTok posts went viral and resulted in the man being fired from his job. They decided to meet to attempt to resolve to conflict, however the discussion quickly gave method to blows.
The police broke up the combating, while all sides blamed the other for escalating the argument to bodily violence. All 5 people involved have been charged with fighting in public and causing a public nuisance and were each charged a 1,000 baht fine.
The names of the individuals and the TikTok account in query weren’t launched by the Pattaya Police, and the bodily struggle was said to have not resolved the dispute. But the police warned against public preventing saying that the town had a zero-tolerance policy for it.
SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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