Phuket celebrates end of Vegetarian Festival

Last night time, a giant celebration marked the end of the 9-day Phuket Vegetarian Festival. A parade made its way through Phuket Town, with devotees either marching or travelling by motorcade. Midnight marked the hour at which observers had been able to once again eat meat. Processioners marched through the streets of Phuket Town for hours carrying flags and shrines, while members of the crowd threw firecrackers. Many small tables have been arrange in the highway with offerings to the Ma Song and their helpers.
The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is understood for its Ma Song. These non secular devotees will self-mutilate, slicing their cheeks and tongues with swords, knives and spikes. They will then march for hours, the intention being that via their ache they can achieve a holy and non secular state. Cash have helpers who comply with them along to clean up their blood and pat them down with towels in order that they don’t catch on fire from the various fireworks being thrown.
This 12 months certain Covid-19 measures had been in place, such as requests that individuals put on masks and follow social distancing. The Ma Song were additionally requested to either ride by motorcade, or not have interaction in any actions that may end result in the spread of the virus. Observers crowded the roadsides to throw firecrackers and receive blessings from the Ma Song as they walked by. At midnight an enormous bonfire was lit.
A somewhat more subdued celebration will take place at present, with shrines holding ceremonies to lower the Go Teng poles, which have been raised to mark the official beginning of the pageant. All-inclusive closing ritual of the festival will be held at 10pm tonight in Saphan Hin park.
Devotees from each of the shrines will collect to carry out blessing ceremonies. The objective of these ceremonies is to name the Jade Emperor and the Nine Emperor Gods to return to the heavens. The final decreasing of the Go Teng poles marks the conclusion of those celebrations till subsequent year..

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